Do not forget Bernie Sanders

Yes, I do believe that those who opposed Bernie Sanders need to study his agenda and think about why it seemed radical to so many. Radical response, radical policy is absolutely essential when things are radically wrong. I think people need to understand just how radically wrong things were before 2016 and how much more problematic those things that were wrong became during the Trump administration. Bernie wasn’t just about beating Trump, he was about getting rid of that which make Trump possible and that which was nasty already and exacerbated by the Trumpian movement.Those who only want to talk about what is ahead without sticking their heads into what has happened and what CAUSED it to happen will continue block the possibility of creating something new that is good and sensible, sustainable and capable of bringing into the fold of the humane those who have learned to think for themselves without much consideration for others because that is how one “gets somewhere in this world.” How about changing that world so that the work one does in it helps to make for better futures for all?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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