I am arguing with people over the realities of Chinese society and against indoctrinating forces in “west” who would like to convince citizens captive of capitalism, people constantly getting screwed by it, that what happens that looks the least bit good in any country not abiding by the strict capitalist agenda is cruel to its people. I cannot help but think that the brainwashing is too complete to overcome. Can it be that the only countries that enact humane governance are capitalist countries and that the humanity exhibited by capitalist countries is possibly a true form of humanity. If so, my sense of what humane is is horribly distorted because it does not allow for some to enjoy great luxury while others live in relative misery. Yes, misery such as income and housing and food and medical and educational insecurity or outright denial by these humane capitalist societies. What the fuck. My perception is so distorted as to cause me to believe that that bad I see is really for the good. that the many sacrificed for the benefit of a few who live fabulously off their labor is really better than all having to sacrifice some in order that all can have at least enough to live decent and dignified lives?I must be stupid. Or those who deny the goodness of other approaches to civilization than capitalism as possibly better are stupid. Perhaps I am deceiving myself into believe that all fed well, all offered good medical care, all offered good education, all provided access and benefits of good infrastructure reflects the bad society and society that denies most access to such is better. What the fuck?

The USA is Over

The USA is over. 

The proof is in the reaction to the election by people in leadership positions, elected officials who reflect the will of the people who elected them. Apparently, near half of the country opposes the election of the president elect and are unwilling to accept him as the country’s leader.  A good number of people, myself included, could not accept as leader the elected president who was Donald Trump.

The divisions are so very deep that there really is no union, too little of real importance that unites us.  We no longer just disagree amicably about issues but about the very way in which we make decisions, the very rules of disputation.  We do not agree on what is true or how truth is derived, certified.  So how can we unite as a democratic society, as a humane and sane democratic society?  We cannot and we really have not for a very long time because, in order to be united, we have allowed as acceptable ideas and behavior neither sane nor humane, the denial of basic rights to multitudes and the degradation, dehumanization, torture, mutilation, and destruction of real human beings trying to live their lives as human beings.  How many hard-fought agreements in our governing bodies, even in the deliberative bodies that created the master plan for this country, allowed for compromises that compromised the humanity of certain groups of people?

So how can we be united?  And how can we accept the results of our fellow citizens choices without accepting what is immoral, idiotic, and cruel.  I viscerally felt the noxiousness of elections that put the likes of Trump, Gomert, McConnell, Cruz, Nunez in office.  What of that horrible humane being named Inhofe?  What of Strom Thurmond and George Wallace?  I accept the fact that they were fairly elected but cannot help but question the legitimacy of a system that would allow them to lead.  I do not find the system effective in producing good and decent leadership, leaders who would at least serve to demonstrate how good citizens participate in sensible and properly humane debate, debate that is guided by principles related to the common good and the good of the whole.

What we have not is not a politics regarding sensible disagreement one issues of important to the common good and the good of the whole.  It is about how the decision-making process should operate and, at this moment in history, half of the nation’s “leaders” are determined to disrupt any decision-making process that may lead to what is good for all, the best possible for the most.  They are destroying the process that is at the very heart of democracy by using it to make decisions in favor of the few and not the many. 

So, some other decision-making process of what currently is in place and those in opposition to the results for the latest election reflect the fact that half of the country does not want to participate in the democratic decision process as it was set up, the other half showing similar sentiment last time a presidential election occurred.  NO ONE RESPECT THE PROCESS.  Therefore, democracy is dead.  To restore it will not be an easy task.