Unity 2

Post two on UNITY. It might be important to think about the aftermath of the banker precipitated crash of 2008, who got hurt (not the banker) and who was decimated, working class people who lost a lot to pay for a gamble by rich people to get even more for themselves. Those rich people, by in large, some of them republicans but a lot of them democrats, came out with hardly a scratch–many of these even more flush–while those who had relatively little and worked damned hard for it were terribly bruised if not severely wounded–some destroyed–by it. The democratic administration that came into office after the crash did much to prevent damage to the system that better served the rich and little to help those of modest or little income who took he brunt of it. Hum… A clue in all of this for why Trump?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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