I have been thinking a lot lately about UNITY and the divisions that exist in this society and about what causes those who I come to see as deplorable for their ways of thinking and their actions as deplorable. I think this is a worthy activity in which to be engaged as, though unity seems impossible if it means somehow coming to terms with those whose ideas and behavior seems to me to be of stupidity rather than intelligence applied, their “values” dangerous, in good part because they are inhumane, and their vision for the future one that if realized would destroy the planet. I have started to write about what my thinking has begun to produce. I will say that the mass of people I am calling deplorable must be understood to have good reason for their disdain for what is, what has become, “the American way,” that they are looking for a future that means a better life for themselves and their children, and that they have been moved to far-right, in part, because they have not been properly informed about the alternatives available in progressivism which they have been taught to fear and loath by those who would preserve American society as it is because they benefit so well from the very inequities from which the deplorable suffer.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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