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Comment by  JF

Unity is a term that people, such as myself, use because of status, and privilege. People that are affected by division typically want equity, equality and more importantly a place at the table. The Q nuts are not the ones we need to unite with. That isn’t the cause of our division if it’s looked at wholeheartedly. The division has always existed and it isn’t white America that has suffered.

Response by me

There is the possibility that some are rotten by nature. If a majority or, even, a too large majority is rotten, abandon democracy now, something I believe is right and necessary IF rotten cannot be overcome to a reasonably high degree. Ortega y Gasset, in Revolt of the Masses, makes a good argument for government by a select few who can govern sanely and humanely as the masses cannot. He might be right. The alternative, I think, the approach I suggest we take before abandoning democracy, is to see if a proper education that grows the reasoning capacity of people, that is predicated on the notion that good reason growing in a properly sane and humane environment will lead to sane and humane adults who will understand the humanity of others well enough to make decisions in their favor. Too, I do understand that there are a great many people who have been screwed and are done with civility because to be civil in a society that does not treat them well is to capitulate to the inevitability of their circumstances. I think it possible for their righteous indignation (not all being displayed is of this variety) to be turned to truly righteous action. If not, and if there are to many for which this is not possible, either separate from them in a meaningful way or prevent them from affecting other’s lives by denying them to right to have and opinion in matters that affect the good of the whole.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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