A conversation concerning priorities

This is in reference to statements made concerning the nature of education and its goals. Michael is a good friend, once a good colleague at the university where we both taught.


Point 1: I used to work with people with cognitive disabilities of one kind or another. I say, let them be themselves and don’t try to pressure then into attaining something that is not realistic for them. (Now in 100 years, people with all be cyborgs, so the above comment will be irrelevant.) Point 2: Before we can even begin to set goals like reading a newspaper with basic comprehension, the whole society must change dramatically, both in terms of belief systems and the meeting of basic human needs. That is, ALL children must be safe, have adequate nutrition, clean air and water, shelter and access to good health care. We are a long way from that now. The struggle for good schools very important, but it must happen in tandem with the struggle to get beyond capitalism.

Me: Of course I agree.  And, of course, in order for there to be a society that puts such things in proper priority order, if we continue with this democracy thing, there must be a public able and willing to understand and care about the good sense and humanity of such an ordering of things.  I think you can comment on lafered whether signed in or not.  Mind if I post this conversation there?

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