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Some nastiness is worse than other kinds of nastiness because it is a prime cause of it.

Where to watch ‘The Wolf of Walls Street

I did what the headline here said. It took two nights as I tried to digest and understand what was being portrayed. I knew well what the ending would be. I didn’t know well enough how things got to this point. I still do not fully understand so I am reading the book upon which it is based by Michael Lewis who is a favorite explorer. If anyone watches this movie and checks our the validity of depiction of how THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC SYSTEM worked to fuck up the majority of the American people and, because of government complicity–it is a government by and for and of capitalism–continues to do exactly this, then I cannot begin to wonder how we ever save the country and save the planet. When the 2008 collapse was in progress I read the Tiabbi Giant The Great American Bubble Machine and subsequent articles. I have read a lot of articles by economists and economics journalists and have to say without a doubt that there was a real conspiracy against the American people that, in some fucked up hard to accept way is at least partial cause for the conspiracy against the government we are now experiencing. TO IGNORE THAT IS TO TAKE FOCUS OFF THE CENTRAL CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEMS AND THAT MANIPULATED CHANGE IN FOCUS HAS WORKED TIME AND AGAIN SINCE AT LEAST THE beginning of the 19th century to turn those who get beaten by the system against one another and not the system that is the real culprit. TELL ME I AM WRONG AND HELP ME, PLEAS HELP ME, UNDERSTAND WHAT IN WHAT I HAVE JUST SAID IS WRONG.

This does not excuse behavior. But it try’s to explain what might cause it.

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