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An exercise to teach teachers that I thought was indicative of a good assignment.EXERCISE INTRODUCING THE CORE CURRICULUM STATE STANDARDSCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.11-12.8Delineate and evaluate the reasoning in seminal U.S. texts, including the application of constitutional principles and use of legal reasoning (e.g., in U.S. Supreme Court majority opinions and dissents) and the premises, purposes, and arguments in works of public advocacy (e.g., The Federalist, presidential addresses).Task: Over the course of the next week, become familiar with the Core Curriculum State Standards for the English Language Arts. Once you know their purpose and intent, analyze the standards assigned to your group in the following manner:A. Break out skills, knowledge and attitudes essential to mastery of the standard.B. In light of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes delineated in the standard, what would constitute adequate learning in terms of the nature of the skill when properly acquired, the definition of knowledge as it must be if the intent of the standard is to be met, and the attitudes toward literacy that must be established if the skills and knowledge learned are to be applied in useful and meaningful ways in the lives students live.C. What kinds of classroom activities are appropriate for helping students acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential to proper and adequate achievement of the goals specified in the standards you have been asked to assess.When you come to class next week, allow each person in the group to describe the results of his or her analysis. Ask each other questions as necessary to gain sound understanding of each other’s analyses.Find in the discussion the areas of agreement that can be used to develop a convincing presentation regarding the findings of the group in terms of what students must learn, how they must learn, and what the teacher must do to insure that they learn properly what the standard demands they learn.BE READY TO PRESENT THE GROUP’S FINISHED ANALYSIS FOR THE WHOLE OF THE CLASS ON SEPTEMBER 9. FOR SEPTEMBER 2, SEND ME YOUR NOTES VIA WEBCAMPUS AND, FOLLOWING THE PRESENTATIONS EACH GROUP MEMBER WILL RECEIVE UP TO 50 POINTS FOR WORK DONE ON THIS PROJECT.

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