Are we beyond reason?

One cannot read this nation honestly and think that reason will win the day. The purpose of school should be to help people grow more reasonable, ever more capable of thinking for themselves using sound information assessed for truth value using critical analysis. So, either we find a way to make them reasonable or we abandon democracy, or we split the country in half. But we do not seek compromise.Schools should teach about the good things America has done and of the atrocities, as they do even in Germany where the past is not buried but studied for what is says about how people fail and how they come to grips with failure, no matter how monstrous, in order to work toward decent society.As the people who have been motivated to attack this really silly attempt at social justice in buying a canned social justice curriculum that teaches nice and good without too much mention of what is and has been bad is worse than asinine. It is criminal coverup of criminal activities including enslavement and murder on a mass scale, peoples’ forced removal native lands, denial of basic rights the Declaration says are “natural right.” All that and the denial of rights and legitimation of the mistreatment of women, the lawful mistreatment of those who are not heterosexual and making heroic those who were the perpetrators of these crimes agains humanity.All we should want is truth and enough of it taught so that young people can think about how to go about the business of making this a more perfect union.


By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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