Teachers Cowed

An essential component of a fight to permit teachers to teach to truth would be a defense fund for those who do so even when told not to do so and are in anyway threatened or harmed by the system for doing so. There must be a way to break down the barriers that exist to teaching all that is known, all that should be known, including that that some have reason to want hidden. Too many teachers are cowed by system restrictions on what can and cannot be taught. If the system tells educational professionals what cannot be taught that is true or worthy of investigation, then teachers are being disrespected as are students and so too THE TRUTH.A defense fund for teachers willing to fight for schools that serve the goals for a sane and humane democracy would be a real threat to those who want curriculum to reflect only their wishes as to what is discussed in schools, those wishes most often tied to their only limited notions of what should be allowed to transpire in a truly democratic society.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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