New View with Truer Truths

There is a powerful tendency of supporters of public education to defend a system that has produced so many who want to either eliminate public education or have public education offer up their own false narrative of both America and education in America. Those who defend American public education want to have it that the system has been a good in society, those educated by it benefiting from it as individuals and society from their participation in it.
The best argument for meaningful change is the one that says that the American educational system has failed to serve well for a truly sane and humane democratic society in which people are able to decide consistently in favor of what is best for all and not just for a few.
But selfish interest controls schooling in America as the political system that dominates favors an economic system that is oppressive over a political system that is liberating, this because liberation of intellect would cause people to understand the inherent inhumanity of a capitalist system.
Perhaps it is time for the sensible and humane to admit to what causes lack of good sense in a democratic public and consider how this leads to willingness to make decisions that are inherently inhumane, amongst these the perpetuation of a school system that teaches lies because a dominant group, capitalists led, is too powerful because too many do not understand how they are oppressed by it.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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