Acquiescence Not Tolerable

I certainly know that a good number of teachers do not like when I argue that schools in America are problematic and that this problematic society is as it is because of the schools. I am told that teachers try their hardest and work under conditions that are far less than ideal. I agree. But that schools are not the problem is an absurd response when most teachers know what problematic places schools are in which to work.I do not visit classroom anymore. I do not qualify anymore for access as I did when I was a professor. But I do know that even the best teachers do not, because they cannot, do what is necessary to help students be able to look at facts that help to describe their society and determine the true nature of that society, it a highly problematic one.Why this is so has much to do with who has the most power in the the decision making process that creates school policy. The powerful in America, economically and, undemocratically thereby, politically powerful mostly all white men, will not allow schools to teach a truth that IS most definitely fraught with misdeeds, many horrendously inhumane, of white men with power, about how they attained power and how they insured that they, white men, would have most access to it.So, teachers. Let us be real. You may be good. You may be great. But the system in which you work is not and, therefore, even in your greatness your are impotent in helping to make the significant changes to society that are essential to a sane and humane future on a still viable planet.Yes, teachers, the good and great ones, must empower themselves to force the system to become, first, good enough, and then truly good, and then great.I am for teacher empowerment, always and forever. I cannot, nor can the society afford to tolerate those who teach FOR THE SYSTEM, by the system, and of the system. Their students are cheated, humankind is threatened by teaching that is supportive of the system. Students and teachers, along with parents must participate in analyzing the system and doing the good work of changing it for the better.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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