To be critical of the democratic party is the same as helping republicans. To be critical of Israel is not to be antisemetic. To be critical of the American education is not to side with the right-wing anti-public education folk. To disagree with certain politicians of color is not racist. To not be supportive of a democratic female politician is not sexist.Yet I have been the recipient of all of these criticisms. The democratic party continually works to prevent progressive candidates from nomination and, if nominated, only half heartedly supports them.Israel is a colonial power that acts as colonial powers act, out of fear of those whose land they occupy.American education is a problem because it has not and does not teach for the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that would make possible a sane and humane society. It teaches to justify a predatory capitalism which is without justification.There are politicians of color who fight progressive initiatives, one in particular who insured that a right of center candidate be nominated for the presidency instead of a sensible progressive.I support a number of female politicians, my favorite politicians now being female. I abhor female politicians and their supporters who accuse those who oppose them of sexism.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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