On Sentencing in George Floyd Murder Case

On the sentencing of the police officer who murdered George Floyd:As with all “incidents” that are “resolved” after demonstrations of outrage, there will be a hard push in the media and by politicians to say that all this is a sign that the system works, that justice is the USUAL outcome. This is the kind of lie that the historical “revision” that movements like the CRT movement work to point out and what is ever so interesting is the outrage produced by efforts to advertise the truth. This many was not convicted by the system willingly. It had to be forced to act and it acted by addressing the real issues at hand in such a way as to pay the least for the damage done, a sacrificed one of the system’s best with a prison sentence without any kind of systematic change to remove all officers with such tendencies from policing the society. A viable policing would put in jail those who shape the system to discriminate against large numbers of citizens.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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