Accused of being a grumpy old man I accept the accusation. There is reason abundant to be grumpy after these six plus decades of existence as, yes, an idealist, one with ideals never met by self or the society or in the work done to make society more sane and humane. So I grump along, not really a depressive, but certainly one constantly made angry by what the humans around me do to ruin both planet and humanity.
I cannot even now ignore those idealist goals and so I continue to the a grumpy critic of society and an academic still on the path for finding real solutions to problems that continue to plague and do profound damage to earth and the beings who inhabit it,
I have to be critical of that I understand to contribute to the problem and to try to offer critique and instruction, always of my mind, that might have potential to move us in the direction of that sane and humane society that I understand to be the sensible goal of all who are sane and humane.
Schools, I believe, should exists for the sake of making society more humane by graduating students who are sane in their thinking and guided by their good thinking to do what is sensible and humane.
So, those who take offense or disagree, speak up and do refer to sensible and humane goals as the basis for critique. We might then get to somewhere better than where we are now.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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