There is a local group on Facebook that is for local educators to discuss issues concerning education. Actually, it is a site for teachers to talk about their employment as teachers and not much about issues that need discussion concerning the problematic nature of the educational system and our local schools that are a part of that system.It is fine to have places like this where people of a kind can commiserate, give others support, make one another feel better.It is a problem, thought, when, in making one another feel better, the broader issues that are related to their happiness are not discussed, for educators whether it is the system they are a part of should be making them unhappy and whether it is necessary for them to be unhappy for their refusal recognize the problems inherent in the system their work support and the damage their support for the system does to students who are its most vulnerable victims.Yes, the teacher’s lot is a difficult one. Worse, teachers are a cause of their own problems, to a large extent, by supporting the system, by being its good and loyal employees.So, I do think far past due that the truly good teachers who should be worried about the results the system produces and its consequences for individuals, society, and the planet, create new organizations that speak truth of the reality of schools in American society and the failure (much intentional) to prepare students to participate in the development of a properly sane and humane democratic society.SHAPE: Sane and Humane: Association for Progressive Education.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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