Thirty Years of Failure

CNN article titled “John Kerry warns ‘time is running out’ to address climate crisis, calling the last 30 years a failure” leads me to say this:

Thirty years of failure to address sensibly an issue that has such profound implications! How could that be in this democratic society? Because we do not have a sensible and humane democratic society. We have a society in which capitalism is the economic system and the political system. We have two parties that are capitalist and none that are sensible and humane because sensible and humane would necessitate undoing capitalism. Schools teach for capitalism, for students to be obedient workers. Teachers keep their jobs by being obedient to capitalist masters and are fine with this as long as they make enough not to be impoverished. Change? Recycle, save a gallon of gas here and there, rally, write letters to politicians, so on and so forth? All leading to failure. So, what now?

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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