Educated to be fools

Schools teach, almost always, that the American system of politics and economics is good, too often as the best, far too often as the best possible. So, to be good citizens, they, students, must become good Americans, this having only a little with making America better and working for good. A good citizen, most, except for the few with controlling interests, go to work each day to make those few ever richer and more powerful so that they can buy ever more control of not only American citizens but the whole of the earth including every acre of land and every human being, this their good because it produces order of the kind that lets them be rich and powerful and evermore in control.
If teachers were to allow themselves the opportunity to consider the dangers rife in the present mandated curricula, they would not teach much of what they are told to teach and they would not teach in ways that their evaluators demand they teach.
In WCSD, considering the “thinking” of the Board of Trustees and the superintendent on COVID and student/teacher safety, teachers should not be listening to those who control them at all because those with the power to fire them are the kind of people who reflect failure in the system and not success.
Really, we are here for not having revolted long ago and we are in eminent danger for this. We will did in many ways if that revolt does not come soon and if it is not strong. Look at our sky, read the statistics on vaccinations and lack thereof, the arguments against and the willingness of our Trustees to “compromise” with fools who spread death.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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