From the book arguing that praxis IS learning properly.
Praxis is a powerful concept that describes both a means for coming to understandings and a particular kind of understanding that is achieved through mindfulness. Praxis is the grasping of a meaning, the point at which one gets it, at which there is a new bond formed between it and I, it understood so well as to allow one to say that it is in agreement with my interpretation of it. Robert Heinlein was, I think, thinking of praxis when, while writing Stranger in a Strange Land, he found it necessary to invent grok…
Knowing oneself to be capable of praxis is self-affirmation of a most potent kind, belief in oneself as a transformative being supremely empowering. It frees one to act; to consider the meaning of the world as self and to act upon the world as an independent actor. It causes a person to understand others to be such themselves or, at least, capable of being such.

By lafered

Retired professor of education concerned with thoughtfulness

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