Are we beyond reason?

One cannot read this nation honestly and think that reason will win the day. The purpose of school should be to help people grow more reasonable, ever more capable of thinking for themselves using sound information assessed for truth value using critical analysis. So, either we find a way to make them reasonable or we abandon democracy, or we split the country in half. But we do not seek compromise.Schools should teach about the good things America has done and of the atrocities, as they do even in Germany where the past is not buried but studied for what is says about how people fail and how they come to grips with failure, no matter how monstrous, in order to work toward decent society.As the people who have been motivated to attack this really silly attempt at social justice in buying a canned social justice curriculum that teaches nice and good without too much mention of what is and has been bad is worse than asinine. It is criminal coverup of criminal activities including enslavement and murder on a mass scale, peoples’ forced removal native lands, denial of basic rights the Declaration says are “natural right.” All that and the denial of rights and legitimation of the mistreatment of women, the lawful mistreatment of those who are not heterosexual and making heroic those who were the perpetrators of these crimes agains humanity.All we should want is truth and enough of it taught so that young people can think about how to go about the business of making this a more perfect union.


Chomsky Truth

Looking back at the success of the Sanders campaign, I think one answer to your question is “keep at it.” Remember, a terrible mistake was made when Obama was elected: namely, a lot of the Left believed in him. Obama had a tremendous amount of popular support, especially from young people — lots of young activists and organizers worked to get him elected. After the election, what happened? He told them, “Go home.” And unfortunately, they went home. Within two years, Obama had completely betrayed his constituency, and it showed in the 2010 election. ChomskySo few want to believe this true. But it is and then Trump and now Biden. What will it take to actually find a new direction?”

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Propaganda and education

Seems to me that propagandists of all kinds (never know they are such because they believe their’s is the IT) have fought, some more vociferously than others, some in the covert ways that have truly caused incipit memorization methodologies to dominate) cannot allow for education that is about the development of critical ability.They fear that students might question when what they should want most is for students to question.That is a problem for teachers brought up to teach from the text to the test and so, education, to a large part, only prepares students to take uncritically what certain “authorities” mandate is right not thinking that they should be thinking a lot about who those authorities are and what they are being told.

So, what happened

So, what happened? Say NCLB and its lingering effects?From: Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development, 1989) Our youth will be able to analyze problems and issues, examine the component parts, and reintegrate them into either a solution or into a new way of stating the problem or issue. In developing thinking skills, the youth will master self-expression and be able to “hear others’ expressions through diverse media. These skills of self-expression and hearing include persuasive and coherent writing, articulate verbal expression and familiarity with symbols and basic vocabularies of the arts, mathematics, and the sciences. P. 15The report pointed to the importance of a student becoming “an intellectually reflective person,” “a good citizen,” and “a caring and ethical individual.” Yipes!


If democracy is to work and work to good and humane ends, then citizens must be so well educated as to be capable of creating in their minds well-conceived notions of what is real, this necessitating that they understand the processes of mind that transform information into knowledge and knowledge into ideas that serve as the truth upon which one makes judgments.

Teachers Cowed

An essential component of a fight to permit teachers to teach to truth would be a defense fund for those who do so even when told not to do so and are in anyway threatened or harmed by the system for doing so. There must be a way to break down the barriers that exist to teaching all that is known, all that should be known, including that that some have reason to want hidden. Too many teachers are cowed by system restrictions on what can and cannot be taught. If the system tells educational professionals what cannot be taught that is true or worthy of investigation, then teachers are being disrespected as are students and so too THE TRUTH.A defense fund for teachers willing to fight for schools that serve the goals for a sane and humane democracy would be a real threat to those who want curriculum to reflect only their wishes as to what is discussed in schools, those wishes most often tied to their only limited notions of what should be allowed to transpire in a truly democratic society.