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Hypotheses and essays

Hypothesis: explained in terms of what led to hypothesis—Men are pigs

Current evidence: that which led me to this conclusion


           -Is the hypothesis valid?  Is there mitigating evidence (some men are better than              pigs)

           -What do I do with this evidence?  Ignore (no), consider what it means in regard to the hypothesis (kills it, amends it)

                         evidence that supports the hypothesis

                        evidence that argues against hypothesis

what can and cannot be dismissed

What do do with hypothesis at end of analysis of evidence

evidence = valid as originally stated

evidence=proof that hypothesis was wrong

                           evidence=hypothesis needs modification

                            evidence= shows that new hypothesis is warranted

Summary of evidence

Conclusions based in the evidence


Recording: Evidence drawn from capture of what is happening

Reporting: Evidence drawn from knowledge of what happened

 Generalizing: Understandings derived from analysis of recordings and reports that allow for claims concerning what happens–what is likely to continue happening

 Theorizing:  Understanding derived from validation of generalizations of what could, should, might, will happen.  This is where theses are found, at the end of the thought process and not at the beginning.